Ringers Western Hobble Belt Medium Brown

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Rule of thumb with sizing your belt - You generally go up one size from your pant size 

The classic hobble belt has been a staple accessory for stockmen and women since time immemorial.  These hand-crafted belts are skillfully constructed using 100% Sillero leather, stainless steel rings, steel buckles and use brass for the brouche on the knife pocket.

As far as durability goes these belts are second to none.  Whether you’re tying up a mickey in the scrub, hobbling the horse to have a brew or strapping the cattle crate door shut after the bulls have snapped the hinge, these belts will tough it out with you and keep going.

The knife pouch is suitable for most 3-4in (closed length) stockman 2 or three blade-style knives. The brouche (snap) allows for fast one-handed access for when you have that clean skin on his back and it’s time to give him a quick earmark in case he doesn’t make it to the yards.


  • 100% Sillero leather
  • Stainless steel rings
  • Steel Buckles (Oxidation resistant) 
  • Hand Crafted
  • Knife pocket
  • 1 ½” Belt Width
Size Conversion

28” = 71cm
30” = 76cm
32’ = 81cm
34” = 86cm
36” = 91cm
38” =  96cm
40” =  101cm
42” =  106cm
44” =  111cm
46” =  116cm


All belts are measured to the middle hole.