Ringers Western James Belt Australian Made Tawny Brown & Gold

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The James Belt is a premium 100% Australian Made genuine leather belt. With unbeatable craftsmanship and attention to detail, you'll never want another belt. 

Made from mahogany brown leather and gold matte brass, The James Belt in mahogany is the perfect corporate and dress belt. Featuring subtle embossed signature bull on the tail and intricate Ringers Western engraving for a luxurious finish.


  • 100% Brass Buckles and Fastenings 
  • 100% Premium Tawny Brown Leather
  • 100% Australian Made
  • 1 ½” Belt Width
  • Embossed Ringers Bull on Belt Tail 
  • Mahogany Thread Stitching


Rule of thumb with sizing your belt - You generally go up one to two sizes from your pant size