The Regimental Condiment Company - The RSMs BBQ Grill Master Collection Gift Box

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Armys Best Shot in your regiment was very keenly sought. A tradition after many competitions was for the host regiment to hold the RSMs barbeque - with the RSM taking over the tongs for the meal. Naturally this was also the chance for the host regiment to prove they also had the Armys Best Cook by showcasing their offering of condiments. Our Barbeque Grill Master Collection gift pack contains all the RSMs favourites.


2 Mustard

Mustang Dijon Mustard 110g

Spitfire Hot English Mustard 110g

2 Chutney

Indian Light Infantry Fruit Chutney 110g

West Bengal Rifles Mango Chutney 110g

1 Steak Sauce

Chipotle Steak Sauce 110ml